Flow is a project management tool designed specifically for the way music labels work

Your Music Delivered, On Time

Flow enables you to build intuitive and repeatable project plans tailored specifically for the way your business works. Manage each step of the release process across all your projects and provide real-time visibility to everyone involved.

Flow makes it easy to manage complex, multi-release project schedules across A/R, legal, producton, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, and finance workstreams — all from one intuitive interface.

Flow Dashboard

Designed for the way music labels actually work

Flow takes static project and release plans out of a spreadsheet and into a collaborative online environment. Some of the most useful features include:

Flow Timeline


Reduce project plan creating time by generating new project and release plans from industry standard or custom templates.

Multi-Project, Multi-Layer

Build and manage mulitple projects plans, each containing multiple releases, all from one intuitive and powerful interface.

Role-Based Assignments

Assigning specific milestones and tasks to a person or a department provides ultimate flexibility in collaboration and management.

Central Task Management

Aggregate your assigned milestones and tasks across multiple project plans and releases through a single product dashboard.

Exportable Schedules

Export simple, beautiful, and comprehensive project plans and production schedules into a variety and formats including PDF and Excel.

Calendar Integration

Sync milestones and todos in Flow with your calendaring platform of choice including both Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

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Flow is currently in closed beta but we are accepting invitation requests.