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At OpenPlay, we are committed to empowering labels of all sizes to take control of their music assets and metadata. There has never been a more important time to capture high-quality meta-data, rights, publishing, and contributor data for albums, tracks, and works.

We recognize the importance that distributors play in navigating the complex ecosystem of digital retail delivery. Interested in enabling one-click distribution for OpenPlay labels into your ecosystem?

Apply to join the OpenPlay Distributor Network today.

No Cost to Connect

We'll establish and maintain connectivity to your systems at our cost. All we need are your requirements to get started and we'll handle the rest.

Your Specs, Not Ours

We support a wide variety of formats and methods of delivery. Whether you accept DDEX or your own custom specifications, we'll make sure your requirements are met.

Get Higher Quality Metadata

You'll be featured on our Distributor Options tool within the OpenPlay platform, providing an opportunity to describe your services, benefits, and pricing. We'll route the inquiry to your organization without any cost or direct them to your sign-up page.

No Delivery Fees - To You or Your Labels

We don't charge transaction fees and there are no restrictions on how often and how much music labels deliver into your supply chain.

Your Relationship Stays with the Label

Our platform is designed for labels to maintain their music library and retain complete control over which partners they interact with. Once connected, we simply act as a backend service between you and the label.

Help Your Customers. Help Your Business. Earn Referral Revenue

The OpenPlay platform empowers labels to manage their music assets, metadata, rights and delivery workflows. Expose labels to our platform with pre-established connectivity into your supply chain while earning referral revenue in the process.

Faster Catalog Migrations

Help labels transfer their catalogs into your supply chain faster than ever before. We'll ingest the catalog into OpenPlay and deliver them to you based on your specifications. If needed, we also offer metadata entry and validation services through our affiliates.

We're Developer Friendly

Our available APIs make it easy to securely pull assets, metadata, and rights directly into your supply chain, websites, mobile and desktop applications. Access our transcoding and streaming engines to gain even greater flexibility around your workflow needs.

Apply as a Distributor

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible. We will review your application and get back with you as soon as possible. Your submission will be directed to the OpenPlay Distributor Network team for review.