Enterprise-grade security at every layer

Data protection

You can securely store and manage pre-release content and assets in OpenPlay. OpenPlay offers multiple ways to ensure that your assets, meta-data and business data stay safe.

Compliance & Best Practices

Meet compliance needs and regulatory requirements. Rest assured OpenPlay is using industry-accepted best practices and frameworks.

User Roles

Role management within OpenPlay Music allows for granular permissioning down to the field level for any user within the system. Each user can be associated with specific organizations, labels, departments, or products.

Data Integrity

Every transaction in the system is logged and revision histories are stored. An edit lockout mode prevents multiple users from modifying the same record at the same time.

Identity Manager

OpenPlay offers security features, like two-factor authentication, and federated identity management.

You can also integrate your own security tools with OpenPlay to get instant notification if a threat is detected. OpenPlay supports a robust set of identity management approaches.


OpenPlay can serve as an OAuth provider, enabling you to utilize OpenPlay user accounts to manage access to other services.

Azure AD

Enable powerful Azure Active Directory based single sign-on for OpenPlay Music users.


Support intergation with your internal ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) based access and authenicaion service.