For Distributors & Music Groups

Multiple labels and imprints? No problem.

We designed our platform for the majors, which means if you need it — it's there.

OpenPlay was engineered to meet the requirements of major labels and global distributors. Our enterprise-level feature set is designed to enable you meet the real-time challenges of managing unlimited distributed labels. It's all there — in a single, intuitive, elegant UI.

OpenPlay for Distributors and Music Groups is our multi-tenant product, layering a fully-featured distributor-oriented workflow on top of the OpenPlay label management framework.

With an easy-to-use administrative interface, you can effortlessly manage unlimited labels, sub-labels, music groups and individual imprints — each secure in their own tenancy.

Detailed release scheduling functionality provides end-to-end visibility across groups, labels and imprints, allowing you to easily create custom calendar views with powerful filtering and search. Distribution management features allow full review and approval of releases before they're pushed to downstream partners, along with confirmation of product delivery.

Seriously — you need to see OpenPlay in action.

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Key features

For your team

Power an enterprise-wide release management system through a single central source and interface

Effortlessly manage unlimited owned or distributed labels or catalogs

Easily take advantage of scheduled opportunities at music services — exclusives, instant grats, pre-release, and more

YOU control your instance of OpenPlay — quickly establish new partner relationships and maximize opportunities

Seamlessly integrate with downstream distribution ecosystems, with flexibility to choose option(s) of your choice

Going global made easy — select from +30 languages and 15 alphabets (your international team will love this)

Smart partner relationships

Partner administration allows you to manage all deliveries to digital retailers, PROs, and more

Manage unique partner requirements with custom workflow settings

Conform to all industry style guides, ensuring your releases meet all specifications along the way

Manage tenants

Both tenant-by-tenant and global views for release scheduling feature customizable calendars and powerful filtering and search functions

Effortlessly manage unlimited owned or distributed labels or catalogs

Collaboration tools for clear communication of corrections and check-offs on multi-layered approvals

Release management features for detailed reviews and signoffs before pushing products to downstream partners

Settings for rights, clearances, delivery specifications, and deal terms on a track and release level

tech that makes sense

Rapid Integration enables easy connectivity with internal and external systems needing access to data, assets, rights, clearances and publishing info.

Developer-friendly RESTful API allows access to the full OpenPlay platform — allowing you to leverage data across internal and external systems, apps and websites.

100% cloud-native storage and media processing manages transcoding/encoding processes for you, meaning assets meet highest quality partner specifications.

Are you a single Label or boutique music group?

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