OpenPlay Platform is a multi-tenant version of OpenPlay Music which includes distributor oriented workflow management functionality.


OpenPlay Platform sits in the middle of your content ecosystem — serving as a strategic bridge between internal systems, external partners, and market intelligence.

OpenPlay in Your Cloud

OpenPlay Platform is a multi-tenant version of OpenPlay Music which includes distributor oriented workflow management functionality. It is deployed and managed in your enterprise cloud infrastructure, is designed to integrate into your downstream distribution ecosystem, and can leverage your enterprise-wide common services like single-sign-on.

Manage Thousands of Labels

Effortlessly manage thousands of wholly-owned and distributed labels plus their users through OpenPlay Platform's elegant tenant management system. Enable features tenant-by-tenant and deploy custom tenant based workflows.

Rapid Integration

Leverage the power of the OpenPlay Platform integration layer to easily integrate with internal and external systems that rely on access to catalog meta-data, media assets, rights, clearances and publishing data.

Developer-Friendly API

OpenPlay’s RESTful APIs allow developers to interact with every part of the platform to leverage metadata and assets throughout internal and external systems, mobile apps, and websites.

Distribution Management

OpenPlay Platforms's submission and distribution workflow allows for final review and approval steps before pushing products into a downstream supply chain system, including the ability to provide visibility into downstream product deliverability status to OpenPlay Music users.

Release Review

Metadata specialists can review releases submitted from one or many OpenPlay Music environments. Built-in tools allow for clear communication for necessary corrections and multi-layered approval steps to ensure the right parties have reviewed each release before it’s delivered to partners.

Partner Management

Manage each partner’s unique requirements and delivery needs as your business dictates. Quickly establish new partner relationships to maximize every opportunity and start delivering your content right away.

Media Asset Handling

Store original source files in OpenPlay and let OpenPlay manage the transcoding/encoding process required to prepare your assets for delivery to meet downstream partner specifications.

Partner Management

OpenPlay Platform's partner management interface enables you to manage deliveries to downstream partners, digital retailers, PROs, and more.

Partner management includes granular settings for rights, clearances, delivery specificatons, and deal terms.

Release Schedule

OpenPlay's release schedule functionality provides end-to-end visibility across label groups, individual labels, and their imprints. Slice and dice the calendar view using powerful filtering and search capabilities.


Metadata, asset, project, and artist management, all from the cloud with OpenPlay Music.


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