Scale the power of OpenPlay Music across your enterprise.

Built with enterprises, for enterprises

OpenPlay helps organizations bring their people, process, and assets together in one place so they can stay productive and aligned from anywhere. OpenPlay is used to manage 3rd party distribution businesses, as well as wholly-owned label groups.

OpenPlay is highly secure. It’s flexible. It’s software that people actually enjoy using. And it’s here to help you and your organization.


Created to meet the needs of global organizations.


Designed to meet the reliability and uptime requirements of major music companies.


Customize OpenPlay to the needs of your organization.

Unified Management

Govern all your users and teams from a single place.


Internationalized with custom user interface for 20+ languages.

Developer Friendly

Robust and extensive API enables direct integration with your enterprise system.


Enterprise-grade data protection.You can securely store and manage pre-release content and assets in OpenPlay. OpenPlay offers multiple ways to ensure that your assets, meta-data and business data stay safe. OpenPlay delivers enterprise-grade security at every layer.

In addition, OpenPlay offers security features, like two-factor authentication, and federated identity management. You can also integrate your own security tools with OpenPlay to get instant notification if a threat is detected.


Meet compliance needs and regulatory requirements.

Best Practices

Rest assured OpenPlay is using industry-accepted best practices and frameworks.


Secure your data and assets with innovative features.

Identity Manager

OpenPlay supports a robust set of identity management approaches.


OpenPlay can serve as an OAuth provider, enabling you to utilize OpenPlay user accounts to manage access to other services.

Azure AD

Enable powerful Azure Active Directory based single sign-on for OpenPlay Music users.


Support intergation with your internal ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) based access and authenicaion service.

Professional Services

Our professional services team consists of product managers, designers, engineers, and music metadata experts that can tailor every part of OpenPlay to meet your business workflow, supply chain, and partner requirements.

Leveraging OpenPlay’s powerful APIs, our team can help create custom experiences that highlight your music catalogue on any web or mobile platform.

Dedicated Support

Our support team continuously monitors your OpenPlay Enterprise implementation and is always on-call to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise.

Dedicated team members know your environment, it’s customizations, and unique workflows to provide the best continuity and uptime in the business.