The foundation of OpenPlay Music is in its robust metadata management tools. Clean, easy to digest presentation of data for both viewers and editors helps avoid confusion and decreases time and effort spent searching for what you need. OpenPlay Music supports all ASCII and Unicode character sets.

Reporting + Analytics *

OpenPlay Music supports any number of internal and external data feeds, via web service or bulk file ingests. Our visualization tools help analyze and display information via charts, graphs, or interactive lists. All reports are highly customizable and configurable to meet any set of requirements and all metadata is exportable in easily consumable formats including PDF, Excel, and CSV.

Notifications + Alerts *

OpenPlay Music supports a variety of notification and alerting functions. Email and pop-up alerts can be customized using OpenPlay’s system-wide messaging engine and allow for intuitive routing of tasks to the responsible parties.

Submission + Distribution *

OpenPlay Music's submission and distribution workflow allows for final review and approval steps before pushing products into a downstream supply chain system, including the ability to provide visibility into downstream product deliverability status to OpenPlay Music users.

* Enterprise only.

Media Assets

OpenPlay Music supports all flavors of media formats. Assets are housed in a highly secure environment and are paired with a transcoding engine that ensures the right format is always available. Quality control time checks are performed against metadata upon asset ingest.

Ancillary Assets

In addition to housing your core media assets, OpenPlay Music also supports a wide variety of supplementary assets related to any given product such as press releases, marketing content, approved artwork, photos, and embeddable videos or links.


With OpenPlay Music's built-in rights functionality, track what you own and what you can do with it. Our intuitive interface makes managing complicated rights simple, fast, and efficient, providing greater control over what you own, what you’ve delivered, and where revenue opportunities may still exist.

Track products, distribution channels, territories and all dimensions of rights.

Expirations and automatic takedown management.

Pricing management & scheduling.

Messaging engine manages rights workflow at every step

Data export engine with custom report generator (PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.)


OpenPlay Music supports a wide variety of merchandise configurations, allowing you to manage and track your entire product catalog all in one place. Our intuitive bundling system allows you to maximize consumer offerings with any number of digital, physical, and merchandise combinations. Support for 3rd party identifiers, domestic and international sizing and color options help ensure every detail is accurately tracked.


Keep all your releases and merchandise organized with OpenPlay’s integrated project management system. Complete support for nested projects and master projects provides for maximum flexibility when grouping your product versions. Switch between products within a project with a simple click. More than just a tool to organize products, OpenPlay’s project system is commonly used to align with financial, royalty, and revenue tracking systems.


With OpenPlay’s integrated playlist functionality, you eliminate the need for 3rd party tools that require you to re-enter your metadata or re-upload your audio. With OpenPlay, you can add individual tracks or complete albums to your playlist with ease and start listening and sharing in seconds. Sequence your playlists with simple drag and drop actions and securely share them with colleagues or external parties with a single click.

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Mobile Player


OpenPlay's Sessions functionality allows you to capture and catalog meta-data down to individual assets created in real-world recording sessions. This takes meta-data collection upstream into the studio and empowers studio engineers, producers, and artists to capture valuable data from Day 1.

OpenPlay Sessions


Role management within OpenPlay Music allows for granular permissioning down to the field level for any user within the system. Each user can be associated with specific organizations, labels, departments, or products. Every transaction in the system is logged and revision histories are stored. An edit lockout mode prevents multiple users from modifying the same record at the same time.

OAuth *

OpenPlay can serve as an OAuth provider, enabling you to utilize OpenPlay user accounts to manage access to other services.

Azure AD *

Enable powerful Azure Active Directory based single sign-on for OpenPlay Music users.


Support intergation with your internal ADFS based access and authenicaion service.

* Enterprise only.

Distributor Management

OpenPlay Music integrates seamlessly into OpenPlay Platform, the enterprise music distributor workflow managment system, that enables a distributor oriented multi-tenant / multi-label version of OpenPlay, complete with end-to-end review, distribution, and partner management.

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